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Guide to embroidery, screen printing and other promotional workwear

This guide explains the various in-store printing methods offered by Hip Pocket and how we work with customers to choose the best solution to ensure a fast turnaround with accurate design placement and a high quality finish.

A guide to safe workplace food handling practices

This guide outlines the food safety obligations of Australian food businesses along with potential consequences for those who do not obey the rules.

Impressive chefs, bartenders and hospitality workers

Don’t try these at work: A collection of impressive feats from some of the most skilled hospitality workers around the globe.

How work uniforms impact customer service, branding and employee satisfaction

A look at how the workplace uniform is used as a business tool for driving customer service and company culture as well as delivering marketing and branding.

How to safely use an angle grinder

Trade and DIY workers are at serious risk of death or traumatic injuries from inappropriate angle-grinder use if safety procedures are not strictly followed. The angle grinder is a highly effective yet dangerous power tool that is effective for cutting metals, concrete and other robust materials, and can also be used for polishing, buffing and sanding with a suitable attachment. However their versatility presents dangers and angle grinder incidents are common. Injuries typically result from “angle grinder kickback” or exploding discs. Lacerations, severed tendons and even amputations can result.

Employer Obligations regarding workplace safety signs

Health and safety laws require workplaces to use safety signs wherever serious risks or hazards are present - but they only help if workers can read and understand them. In the right context, safety signs can prevent serious injuries or accidents in the workplace by warning workers about potential hazards and showing them how to avoid them. Hip Pocket Hub talked to Uniform Safety Signs about the important role that sign visibility, messaging, employee awareness and training plays in safety.

Why use certified PPE

As part of their duty to provide a safe workplace, employers are required to supply their workers with personal protective equipment (PPE) that complies with Australian standards. Choosing PPE that has “certified” compliance to Australian standards provides employers with peace of mind they are doing their job, while also assuring workers that their safety gear will function as needed in the event of an incident. (BREAKOUT) Australian standards are specifications, procedures and guidelines to help ensure products, services and systems are safe and reliable. They are developed by Standards Australia and the Australian Government. (END BREAKOUT)

How to improve workplace safety through the Hierarchy of Control

The hierarchy of control is a set of measures and processes to reduce workplace risks. We take a look at how it can be applied and how workers can help.

Oliver Boots 5464-5Z Review

With so many options available, choosing the right pair of boots can be challenging. Here, we help narrow it down by showcasing one our favourite new boots on the market.

A Complete Rundown of Safety Boot Features and Benefits

A good pair of work boots should provide comfort, support and protection but with so many options available, choosing the right pair for you and your job can be challenging.

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