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Site Safety

When it comes to the health and safety in any workplace, there is no room for error. Having the correct safety equipment is vitally important. Equipment such as reflective tapes, bollards, cones, and flashing lights are just some that can be used to improve safety on a worksite.

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Visual warning at any workplace is a very effective way in reducing accident and injuries. When you need to implement safety measures and secure areas effectively, hazard markers and bollards make an excellent choice.

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Provides excellent visibility for hazardous areas
• Hi-Vis is fluro PVC triangle flags
• 30 metre length
• Reusable high strength nylon rope
• 45 flag

PC-BUN30 Hip Pocket Workwear - 30m Day Bunting - Orange

Pro Choice Safety

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30m Day Bunting - Orange

This is our most popular combination shower with AEROSTREAM face wash unit. It is designed to operate as an individual shower or face wash or both simultaneously. The eye / face wash features six aerated nozzle outlets for a soft and even water pattern. The nozzles also include a self-closing dust cover. Constructed mainly from 304 stainless steel material to provide a long service life in most environments.
• Operation: Shower by hand, Face wash by hand or foot.
• Dimension (mm): 2450H x 470W x 883D mm
• Rec Min Connection: 25mm
• Rec Min Supply: 140-150 LPM
• Shower Flow Rate: 90 LPM
• Eye Wash Flow Rate: 30 LPM
• Minimum Pressure: 210 kPa
• Material of Construction: 304 Stainless Steel
• Australian Standard: AS4775
• Sign & sign bracket are not included but can be ordered as an accessory.

PS-SE607 Hip Pocket Workwear - Combination Shower With Triple Nozzle Eye & Face Wash With Bowl & Foot Treadle



Combination Shower With Triple Nozzle Eye & Face Wash With B

Economy Hazchem Spill Kits colour coded yellow for Hazchem liquid spill absorption. Designed for acids, alkalis, coolants, paints and oils and fuels and are made from inert material which will not react with any absorbed liquids. For general industry and non-industry applications. Includes the following:
• 2 X (FSAP6) Organic All Purpose Floor Sweep 50L/9kg
• 2 X (BY420) Yellow Hazchem Boom 1.2m
• 2 X (PY420) Yellow Hazchem Pillow 420g
• 1 X (DPBS) Dust Pan and Brush Set
• 30 X (APY300) Yellow Hazchem Absorbent Pad 300gsm
• 5 X (CWB) Contaminated Waste Bag
• 2 X (RNF15XL) Green Nitrile Gloves XL
• 1 X (SKIS) Instruction Sheet

PS-ESKH120 Hip Pocket Workwear - Economy 120ltr Hazchem Spill Kit



Economy 120ltr Hazchem Spill Kit

Site safety can also include having an effective way to prevent slips, falls and other unpredictable accidents. You will always find the right spill containment solutions and non-slip mats at Hip Pocket Workwear & Safety.